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I often dream of performances I would like to make, or I dream dreams which could become performances. They are wild and shameless, as dreams often are. 

So here are some drawings of dreams I've had, followed by an explanation of what happened. 

Suitable for touring. More details on request.


The cucumber act

My friend, all dressed in black, stands on a stage, dramatic light upon her. She holds a cucumber in her hand. She attaches a long white bedsheet on her left shoulder: the bedsheet is like the body of a chinese dragon, it's a tunnel and it moves in continuous waves. I'm inside the tunnel, at the other end of the stage, crawling towards her​. The audience can only see my legs and hands approaching. Once I reach where my friend is, I emerge and in a quick motion I bite the cucumber and eat it all. The audience applauds. 


Chicken & Prawns Dance

I am inside a big, blue swimming pool, wearing a swimsuit, cap and swimming goggles, the water up to my neck. The poolside is covered in raw chicken breasts, which hang neatly one next to the other.​ I'm doing a sort of a little dance in the pool, moving cooked prawns gently with my hands inside the water. Someone is filming this performance.


Summer manic catwalk

My friend L. and I do this performance in an outdoor space by a river. The show happens on a sort of catwalk with audience on both sides. We have two chairs and two white, long summer dresses. It is summer. Everything is quite white, and slightly unsettling. We are a bit manic.  


Roof song 

My friend A. sings some song on the roofs of a city. She is agile in jumping from one roof to another. She wears black leather trousers. It is raining, very much like in Blade Runner.

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